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Husom / Hoyt Exhibition - December 1st 2005 to January 29th 2006


The December - January inaugural exhibit at Electro Lift Artworks featured David Husom's large scale digital type C prints of images from 2003 to 2005 of rural and small town Minnesota and Wisconsin. Husom, a former Twin Cities photographer, now lives in rural Wisconsin overlooking the Mississippi River near Red Wing Minnesota.

Laura Hoyt’s photographs on exhibition at Electro Lift were taken during the winter of 2003 in a western suburb of Minneapolis and represent one chapter of an ongoing project titled Trespass. This series engages the viewer in the often quiet dichotomy between public and private space, as these photographs focus on both landscape and the sociopolitical aura inherent to Suburbia. Hoyt is an adjunct professor of photography at the University of Minnesota and the Director of the Weinstein Gallery in South Minneapolis