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Art Kenyon, Exhibit at Fairview Hospital, Red Wing. 
Sunday, March 4, 2012, 08:57 PM
Art Kenyon is currently showing some of his work at the Fairview Hospital in Red Wing. Emphasizing Art's landscape work, the show is a good overview of what Art has been working on since he began devoting full time to his painting and prints ten years ago. Art's studio is at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, but his work can be seen in area murals as well.

The exhibit is part of a continuing series of shows organized by the Red Wing Art Association for the hospital. The show contains both original work and Giclee prints that we helped Art produce, and runs for about another month.
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2011 Year in Review 
Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 03:14 PM
We have had a very busy year with lots of really exciting projects. Here are just a few of the hundreds of artists, non-profits and companies we printed for this year:


Red Wing artist Dan Wiemer was commissioned by Ruby Bridges to commemorate the 50th anniversary of her being the first African-American child to attend an all-white elementary school in the South. The event was the subject of a Norman Rockwell painting and is told in John Steinbeck's. Travels With Charlie in Search of America.

Dan, a well known watercolor artist, had the original work reproduced on canvas to give it more of a physical presence.

Here is one of the two pieces that Dan created for the project.

See more of Dan's work is


Kevin Clemens is an artist after my own heart. Hitting the road with a camera, he went to every Carnegie Library in Minnesota. He documented the libraries with both images and text. He did a wonderful book on the libraries that is now available in bookstores and online. Here is a composite image we printed for him on high quality fine art paper.

Kevin's book is available here:


John Hanson knows the Dakotas. As a filmmaker he directed Northern Lights and a number of other feature films, often using the Dakotas, Montana, and southern Saskatchewan as a locale. He knows the area like the back of his hand and it shows in his book Below the Sky, Photographs of the High Plains. As wonderful as the book is, the photographs become stupendous at the 24X36 size we printed his photos for a gallery show this fall.

Here is where to get John's book:


Eric Cornett does wonderful paintings of birds. They have a spontaneity that takes them way beyond simple wildlife reproductions. He had a show this year at the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge gallery in Bloomington MN. His pellican painting won first place in the Minneapolis St. Paul airport art competition.

Eric Cornett's Website is at:


For yet another Dan Wiemer project we helped him create the art work for the Red Wing Art Association Fall Festival art fair. Working from a series of Dan's original drawings and hand lettering we scanned the individual elements and laid out the final poster image. The file was then used by the Art Association to create postcards and offset posters. Being the 45th year, Dan went for a handmade look. In addition Dan did a limited edition series of prints of the image.

Red Wing Art Association
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The 10th Annual Studio Ramble 
Sunday, August 7, 2011, 05:06 PM

Once again we are taking part in the art tour of Red Wing area artists — the Studio Ramble. This will be the biggest tour ever, with 16 studios and over 25 artists. New this year are two studios in Lake City.

The tour is the last weekend in September. Saturday September 24th and Sunday September 25th, from 10-5 both days. In honor of our 10th anniversary many of the studios will have free greeting cards with artist images on them. Come by and pay us a visit and pick up some cards. Of course we will have plenty of our own art work on display and a chance to see what we do printing for other artists and photographers.

Click on the image on the right to see larger.

Visit the StudioRambe Website for more information

Our Studio Remodeling is Now DONE! 
Sunday, April 3, 2011, 06:42 PM
Of course it took twice as long as we anticipated. But we have added more space to our studio, including some much need storage areas, a better work area, and a greatly improved conference and waiting area.

Along with a comfortable sitting area we have added some nice retro touches. One of our favorite new features, as well as many of our clients, is a wall of vintage 33 rpm album covers. We intend to rotate the theme every few months. Our first album collection is bad "photoshopping" in the days before there was Photoshop. People fly and dance through the air, or are reduced in size to comfortably sit on the black keys of a piano, or on top of an accordion. They are really fun to see!

The album wall with a vintage illuminated Kodak film sign.

We also added a new photo area for digitally photographing art work with special cross Polarized copy lighting. Although we still scan most of the original art that we print (we also added a new scanner this year), we are now able to offer a photography alternative for works over 24 X 30 inches. The advantage is the price—high quality digital photo-scans are half the price of an equivalent traditional scan. Even with large sized prints on canvas there is virtually no quality difference. In fact with glossy or varnished paintings we found in a side by side comparison that our photo-scans show far better detail than even the best scanners!

It is fun for our clients and for us to work in a new improved space. Call for an appointment and bring in some work. Let us show you around and what we can do for you!

David Husom
Husom & Rose Photographics
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Come Visit Us During The Studio Ramble 
Sunday, September 12, 2010, 10:24 PM
Saturday September 25th and Sunday September 26 the annual Red Wing area studio tour is once again happening. Stop by anytime between 10 and 5. We are site 13. Here is more information:

This years poster and flyer features Red Wing artist Ardee Rosasco. Ardee had us scan and print her painting of a Mayflower passenger last year. When it came time to pick a cover image we were all in agreement this would be it! Stop by and see Ardee at the Anderson Center, site #2. In fact visit all 13 sites. You will see some great art, hear wonderful music, sample local wine and meet some really friendly artists.

Copyright Ardee Rosasco all rights reserved. Click to see larger

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