2014 Studio Ramble Artists

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Sites # 1, 2, 3, 4 The Anderson Center

Art Kenyon
Studio: The Anderson Center 5354 Tower View Drive, Red Wing, MN.
Art is a long time resident of Red Wing who believes in the valuable relationship between drawing, painting, and printmaking. He constantly explores new techniques, styles and compositions to mix detailed realism with abstract forms. His studio displays oil paintings, watercolors, sepia-tone coffee paintings, detailed graphite portrait drawings, and printmaking images from hand-drawn lithographs, Intaglio copper plate etchings, and original hand-rubbed woodcut prints. Visit www.artkenyonfinearts.com/ for more information.

Peg Simonson
Studio: The Anderson Center 5354 Tower View Drive, Red Wing, MN.
Peggy's love of color is apparent as you enter her studio tucked behind the historic Anderson Center. Her painting mediums include: soft pastels, watercolor, where she often incorporates textured papers and ink, and a unique method of painting dyes on silk fabric which are then mounted on canvas. She also hand dyes and paints sumptuous silk scarves using a wide variety of techniques.

Mike Arturi - Universal Music Center
Studio: The Anderson Center 5354 Tower View Drive, Red Wing, MN.
Mike Arturi is a national touring and recording musician whose professional career exceeds forty five years. He is currently drummer for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee band, the Lovin’ Spoonful. Most recently Mike created and founded the Universal Music Center, a non-profit music school located in Red Wing, MN for which he is the Executive Director. The Universal Music Center offers private one on one music lessons, a monthly workshop and a live performance experience all presented in a positive and supportive environment.

Cynthia Weitzel
Studio: The Anderson Center 5354 Tower View Drive, Red Wing, MN.
New this year to the Studio Ramble. Cynthia has been a part of The Anderson Center artist community since 2011.
While her concentration is in painting - traditional to contemporary - she loves experimenting in all media from printmaking to sculpture. Being Deaf, much of her work reflects the history, life and perspective of American Deaf Culture in a style often shared among minority artists.

Site # 5 Dan Wiemer

Dan Wiemer
Studio: 491 Spring Creek Road, Red Wing, MN
Bold stylized acrylic and watercolor painting with strong design best describe Dan's work. For twenty five years Dan has balanced a career of commercial illustration and fine art. His regional workshops are in demand and his paintings can be found in homes and businesses throughout the country. Dan has a passion for the landscape and draws much of his inspiration from vista views around the Red Wing area. Original art as well as prints and cards will be available. Visit www.danwiemer.com for more information.

Guest Artist Amy Palmer
Amy Palmer has created jewelry for over 20 years. Matt Palmer has worked in a variety of mediums throughout his life and began collaborating with his wife Amy about three years ago. The creation of unique and fanciful jewelry is the result of their compulsion for salvaging old objects and materials and their shared passion for design and sculpture. Their jewelry evolves with the objects they find so no two pieces are alike.

Site # 6 Conrad Christiansen and Mette Biering Christiansen

Conrad Christiansen and Mette Biering Christiansen
4813 Mill Rd, Red Wing, MN
New this year to the Studio Ramble.

Site # 7 Aki Tsuchiya

Aki Tsuchiya
Studio: 916 Linda Av. Red Wing
New this year to the Studio Ramble. Akitomo Tsuchiya moved to Red Wing from Nagano, Japan four years ago. He is a painter working in oil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, pencil and red chalk. Akitomo paints still life, landscapes, portraits and imaginative works of art. His style is basically representational. Most of his work is commissioned paintings.

Site #8 Red Wing Art Association

RWAA at the Depot
418 Levee Street, Red Wing, MN
The Red Wing Arts Association is the oldest arts association in Red Wing, originating in 1952 as an interactive arts educational program. They are committed to a focus on the strong support of, and being a catalyst for, an expanding and dynamic arts community in Red Wing and the surrounding area.
The RWAA proudly serves the community through artistic leadership, interactive education, and innovation programming. They are a volunteer, non-profit organization that supports emerging, established, and enduring artists. More at www.redwingartsassociation.org/.

Site #9 Chap Achen Studio

Chap Achen
Studio: 527 Summit Ave, Red Wing, MN.
Chap is best known for his black and white photography, his work reflects his Midwestern surroundings. He exhibits and has won numerous awards for his work in local area art shows. You can observe his workflow at his studio, from film or digital capture to screen and print. Visit him on online at: www.chapachenphotography.com/

Site # 10 Don Marco

Don Marco
Studio: 303 Bush St., Red Wing, MN
New this year to the Studio Ramble. Dan is the master crayon artist. Stop by and see his work.

Site # 11 Tom Gavitt

Tom Gavitt
Studio: 485 16th St, Red Wing, MN
New this year to the Studio Ramble. Tom Gavitt, a recent transplant to Red Wing, has made his living doing outdoor art shows for several decades. Over those years Tom has won awards from the California desert to the Bruce Museum, in Greenwich, Connecticut, and has produced nearly 5000 paintings in watercolor. He is presently working in both watercolor and acrylic, and, at 75, has stopped traveling to art shows.

Site # 12 Dave Matheny & Jean Sherlock

Dave Matheny & Jean Sherlock
221 South Oak Street, Lake City, MN
Sherlock/Matheny Studio. This husband and wife work in a wide range of media – pastel, oil, watercolor, pen-and-ink, pencil – with an even wider range of subjects: Landscape, fantasy, portrait, still-life, nautical, wildlife, aviation, and much more.

Dave Matheny
He is an illustrator whose work currently appears in a national magazine, Sport Aviation. He was an illustrator with the Minneapolis Star Tribune for over 30 years.

Jean Sherlock
She has been painting in oils since childhood. Her originals and prints are in collections around the world, and she is a much-sought-after teacher of drawing and painting.

Site # 13 David Husom and Husom & Rose Photographics Studio

David Husom
His color photographs document small town Minnesota and Wisconsin, particularly the Mississippi River valley. His large format color photographs have been exhibited widely across the US including the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles in October 2006. Visit: www.davidhusom.com

Husom & Rose Photographics also does Giclee printing for artists and museums including many of the artists in this tour.
See: www.husomandrose.com/printstudio

Guest Artist William Pringle Rodman
He is a documentary photographer with strong humanist leanings. His main interest in making candid black and white images of people at work and at play. He is currently photographing workers in traditional manufacturing jobs in Minnesota.

Site # 14 Doris Gardas

Doris Gardas
Studio: N1602 County Rd. VV - Hager City, WI
Doris moves back to her Hager City studio for this years Ramble. Her love of Nature and the surroundings of her native Wisconsin are the primary inspirations for her work. Drawing at am early age has developed into a life of art whether it involves capturing her grandchildren on canvas or painting the natural world.

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